What’s In Your Junk Drawer

When you get in an elevator but don’t know which floor you need to go to, which button do you push?

The answer is none of them. You would probably get out of the elevator and try to find out where you are going. 

Think of your website as the elevator button panel. If you have too many buttons at the top of your website, your customers won’t know which one to push.

This is why the junk drawer is the most important part of your website. The junk drawer organizes important information that is not useful for closing a sale. The junk drawer is for: about us, employment opportunities, contact information, FAQs, etc… The junk drawer is for the business. Everything above the junk drawer is for communication with your customers.

If you need help determining what to put in your junk drawer, send us an email. We can walk you through the wireframe and create a website that guides your customers.

Filtering your website to decide what goes in the junk drawer can take some time. That’s why we have provided a free wireframe template HERE. Use this template to determine what is about the business and what is used to communicate with the customer.