What Makes a Bad Lead Generator

You may be too close to your lead generator to see problems.

If your lead generator isn’t producing any leads it may just need polishing.

Here are the most common mistakes we see when it comes to lead generators:

  1. You focus on too many problems at once
    a. Try to focus on one problem at a time. If you focus on too many problems at once, your lead generator will be confusing.

  2. It’s too long
    a. Remember that people scan before they read. Make sure that your PDF is laid out so that the text flows and is easy to read.

  3. It’s vague
    a. If someone has given you their email address in return for your lead generator, you don’t need to be cute and clever to hook them. Be very direct and very clear, otherwise, you will confuse your audience.

  4. The title is boring
    a. Make sure your title sounds interesting. Ask yourself if you would read your lead generator based on your title.

Your lead generator should be producing leads. If it isn’t producing leads, it’s worth the time to find out why. We refine our lead generators when we see problems because the leads are worth it.