Subjects That Suck

What comes first: the subject or the email? At Summit Creative Group, we start with the subject. This helps us set the tone and keep a clear theme.

Most businesses send emails with subjects that don’t encourage customers to open them. What’s worse is that those unopened emails probably have valuable information inside. We can help you write a subject that is clear and encourages your customers to open the email. Grab a whiteboard and follow the steps below if you want increased email engagement:

  1. Start with writing the topic of the email.
    a. What is your email about?
    b. What value is inside of the email?
    c. How can that email make your customers’ lives better?

  2. Look at emails from other businesses.
    a. Which emails are you more likely to open?
    1. What about the language used caught your attention?
    2. What is the tone?

  3. Make a list of subject choices.
    a. Combine your clear answers to step 1 with the things you liked from step 2.
    b. Circle the top 3 options.
    c. Now polish these options until you have 1 that you love.

Writing an email subject can feel like you’re saying the same thing in 20 different ways. While that can feel frustrating, it means you are getting somewhere. Trust the process and keep practicing. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.