3 Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Did you know that you could be losing sales to competitors just because of your website?

It’s true, but with a few changes you can start closing sales in your sleep.

We recommend starting from the top:

  1. Your Header Should Be Clear and Large.
    a. The header is the first impression of your website. It should tell your customers exactly what you offer with clear language. This means no insider language. If you show a stranger your website for 30 seconds, close the computer, and then ask the stranger what your company offers…they should be able to answer the question.

  2. Have a Direct Call To Action.
    a.  Imagine trying to check out at your favorite store. You walk around looking for the cash register and it is nowhere to be found. You finally ask someone where it is, and they tell you it’s in the stockroom in the back. Are you going to make the purchase or just leave the store?

    b.  Treat your call to action like a cash register. Use direct language.. Buy now, call now, register today… and place it in the top right hand corner. Place the same call to action in each section of your website. Your call to action should always be visible.

  3. Choose Your Images Carefully.
    a. Your images help communicate what you offer. If possible, include happy people enjoying your product in the images. Avoid using a slide show that continually changes. People rarely have time to take in each photo before it changes. Also, if there are too many images your customer won’t remember any of the photos. Keep your photos simple and clear.

We know how hard it is to maintain a website, but we also know the importance of a good website. We can create a website for you that captures leads and closes sales… even while you’re asleep.