3 Things Bad Design Costs You

If you think good design is expensive, then you should see what bad design is costing you.

Bad design has a massive impact on your business and on your customers. Here are 3 things bad design is costing you:

  1. First Impressions
    a.  You have 7 seconds for a potential customer to decide to stay or go. Before your customer ever reads your email, website, business card…ect they judge you based on what they see.
  2.  Customers
    a.  Think about the last time you were frustrated on a cluttered website. Chances are you did not buy the product and you may have even told somebody about your bad experience. Their bad website design ended up costing them 2 customers.
  3.  Consistency
    a.  Consistency is how a business builds trust with its customers. When a customer trusts a business, they keep coming back for more. Retaining customers is up to 5 times cheaper than gaining a new customer. Work smarter, not harder.

We understand that good design is expensive, but we also know how much bad design is really costing you.

P.S. A good designer can take something that is good to great. Does your logo need to go from good to great?