3 Reasons to Appreciate an Unsubscribe

Email marketing is NOT dead. Email marketing averages a 4200% return on investment. It’s true! So send those emails. You spent 4 hours writing the perfect email.

You have high expectations for how many sales it’s going to close. You’re nervous, but you click send anyways.

You check your results in 24 hours and 10 people unsubscribed from your email list. That’s terrible, right? WRONG.

See 3 reasons why you should be thankful for an unsubscribe.

  1. No More Wasted Time
    a. If the reader unsubscribed, they were not interested in your product. Don’t waste your time sending valuable information to customers who are not interested. Don’t waste a customer’s time by sending information that is not valuable to them.

  2. Easy Clean Up
    a. When an uninterested customer unsubscribes, it helps you clean up your email list. Email lists can get overwhelming fast. An unsubscribe takes some cleaning up off your to do list.

  3. No More Guilt
    a.I call my mom every single day. Most days we don’t discuss anything of importance, but I never have to feel guilty about calling her. Do you know why? If she didn’t want to hear from me, she wouldn’t answer the phone.
    b. That’s how the unsubscribe button works. If customers don’t want to hear from you, they will unsubscribe. That means you don’t have to feel guilty about sending emails. If they don’t unsubscribe, that means they want to hear from you. So email them!

We know an unsubscribe can feel like you did something wrong. We also know that when you write clear emails with valuable content, an unsubscribe is a useful tool.