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You know you need a lead generator, but it seems complicated. You don’t know where to start.

The key is to not overthink it. Lead generators do not have to be complicated.

The truth is you know a lot more about your product/service than your potential customers do. If you can present that knowledge to your potential customers in a way that solves their problems, you’ve made an effective lead generator.

Here are 3 ideas for a lead generator:

  1. A Checklist
    a. What is a problem your customers facing? Is there a list of ideas to consider related to solving the problem?

    b. Checklist examples include “3 steps to saving money” or “4 ways to prepare your house for a storm.”

  2. A Worksheet
    a. What is a problem your customers face? Is there a repeatable worksheet you can create that helps solve that problem?
    b. Worksheet examples include weekly goal setting, nutrition journals, birthday reminders, etc…

  3. Free Samples
    a. Grocery stores give out samples for a reason. Maybe your customer is curious about your product, but not enough to purchase. Use a sample to build trust.

    b. Sample examples could include free recipes, free meals, or a coupon for a free item (great if you have a physical location).

Lead generators can seem complicated, but they don’t have to be. Remember to ask yourself “What problem is my customer facing and how can I help solve it?”